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Superkart - CIK-FIA European Championship Assen 2012
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19th Winter Cup will go on stage next 21-23 February 2014 in Lonato.

The decision has been made on tyres: Bridgestone will equip KF and KZ2 karts, while Vega the KF Junior's. All the three categories of the race with a lot of drivers. The  chronometer service with transponder will be available starting from Wednesday 19 February.
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How not to be amazed before such a balance of lines, the extreme refinement and the superb touch of aggressiveness ...The Fruit of many years of research, the SODI RX7 paves the way for a new generation of rental karts.Boasting a unique design supported by major technological innovations in this market (Patented, shock absorbent integral protection, shaft steering …); SODI RX7 is revolutionizing the market and allows an extraordinarily economic operation (unmatched reliability, a novel system for seating and pedals arrangements).With its unique aesthetics and complete customization, the SODI RX7 is today "the Must" in the rental market, and it guarantees to offer customers the "Best Rental Kart in the World.


The Strong Points of the SODI RX7
  • Extraordinary reliability.
  • Outstanding shock stability (THR integral polyethylene protection, impact, and abrasion resistant).
  • Unique driving comfort.
  • PSS double side rail in chrome-molybdenum steel framework from the latest Sodikart research.
  • Shaft-steering that perfectly combines driving comfort with unprecedented agility.
  • Integral floor covering the fuel tank while providing perfect protection for the driver’s legs.
  • Settings Modularity (height+ length for pedals, adjustable bucket seat, optional, allowing drivers from 1m40 over 1m90).
  • Patented integral protection to considerably reduce impact damage (previously designed protection made to absorb shocks working in interaction with the sliding side guards).
  • Available balance weight quick assembly for balancing weight between pilots (Optional).
  • Fully customizable body (upon request).
  • Sodi New Concept Design.

Major Options:
  • Roll bar + Safety belt.
  • “Remote Control” for stopping karts from a distance, or to limit their speed.
  • Anti-gas brake.
  • Padded bucket seats (Completely or laterally in XL and XXL sizes).
  • Adjustable bucket seat.
  • Stoplight.
  • Weights box.
  • Kit stickers.


Main Features:
  • PSS double side rail in chrome-molybdenum steel framework equipped with three bearings.
  • Black plastic floor covering the tank.
  • Machined and strengthened aluminum rims.
  • Machined wheel hubs.
  • Fused a with a low offset of 20 mm diameter shaft machined in chromium molybdenum.
  • Flexible nylon connecting rods.
  • High-strength aluminum steering column clamp, machined from a single piece.
  • High elasticity limit steel three-spoke steering wheel.
  • Ergonomically adjustable polyethylene reinforced bucket seat (XL and XXL sizes).
  • Fully adjustable pedal (size and length of legs).
  • Self-adjusting hydraulic brakes from automotive technology.
  • Eleven-litre Sodikart tank (even thickness, Integrated hoses, and gasoline return routing).
  • Vacuum fuel pump.
  • Integrated platinum engine (lowered center of gravity).
  • Composite material rear flywheel optimized for quick disassembly (2 parts).
  • RG “long life” belt transmission (High resistance chain transmission with O-rings + tensioner for the Honda 390cc version).
  • Shaft equipped with three bearings.
  • Shock and abrasion resistant protection (polyethylene THR) and body.
  • Shat cover and engine cowling designed to cover rotating and hot parts, whatever the position of the bucket seat.
  • Fully customizable body (upon request).

SODI RX7 power drive
  • Honda GX200 cc (equipped with hydraulic clutch and gearbox).
  • Honda GX270 cc (equipped with hydraulic clutch and gearbox).
  • Honda GX390 cc (equipped with Sodikart dry clutch with a Sodikart clutch bell housing).